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martes, 14 de julio de 2020



   You want to sell your home sooner

From Martí Project real estate agency in Teulada, Alicante and through our experience we have been able to verify a series of questions and in many cases some reasons that are within the logic that can greatly influence the final result of a possible purchase-sale.

If you are wanting to sell your house, a series of improvements and tips can be very helpful to get it, factors such as price, attachment to the property, deterioration, lack of hygiene, etc. They can make your property an unpleasant asset to make a purchase.

Lowering the price can be a solution, but perhaps it is not always enough to sell the house, putting a fair price is vital, a market price, for this we recommend that you look at the price of the m2 of the area where it is located the house, in the m2 of it, in the number of rooms it has, in its appraised value and in the price at which the surrounding houses have been sold, today,s buyers have more information than ever and despite the more than 40% drop in some of the cases in prices from the real estate bubble, the great offer, the little financing and the continuous loss of purchasing power of the family economy make it increasingly difficult to end with the sale of a house, It can also be useful to advertise the apartment on the internet with photos, videos and with a good description, and to ask for help from a real estate agency, resorting to a real estate agency will assure you more visits and increase the possibilities of its sale, agents i We have accurate information on the real estate market in the area where the home you want to sell is located. In addition, we upload the property to the real estate portals and detail the characteristics of the home.

Before putting a property up for sale, it is advisable to clean and repair what is neglected, fix the house to make it cozy: it is essential to keep the house clean and free of obstacles, furthermore, it is necessary to eliminate those elements that reflect the personality or ideology from the owner as; personal items, family photos, religious motives, download the space of unnecessary furniture, we also recommend checking that the house is well ventilated and has a good smell, try to create a feeling of home by facilitating a pleasant temperature, raise the blinds so that You can enjoy the light, you must take into account the high number of homes for sale and that for a potential buyer it will be easier to visualize your idea of ??living in it with these tips, avoid last minute surprises the current owner must be aware of the payment of taxes and of the community of owners in the case of housing within one of them.

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