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lunes, 20 de julio de 2020




       The best mortgages for 2017


Through the helpmycash bank product comparator, we offer you, from Marti Projects, in this article the best mortgages currently on the market to finance the purchase of a home with the best conditions at the moment and for the beginning of 2017, it must Keep in mind that in the comparison we have not only taken into account the interest on the mortgage, but also the commissions and related products, aspects with a direct impact on the monthly payment. We have selected the five most advantageous mortgages:

The comparison has been made with a general example for all banks, based on a single applicant, a non-customer of the entity, a 25-year payment period and a € 100,000 mortgage and with the object of buying a home.

    ENTITY                             PRODUCT                 TAE       INTEREST            QUOTA         Related products

 ING Direct                       Orange Mortgage        1.75%      E + 0.99%          € 373.08                3

 Santander                       Santander Mortgage    2.19%      E + 0.99%          € 373.08                4

 Hipotecas.com                 Variable Mortgage       2.05%      E + 1.59%          € 400.69                1

 Banco Mediolanum           Mortgage Freedom      1.89%      E + 1.19%          € 382.15                2

 Kutxabank                      Kutxabank Mortgage    1.44%      E + 0.90%          € 369.05                5


                                               ING Direct Orange Mortgage

                       APR: 1.75% Interest: E + 0.99% Fee: € 373.08 Related products: 3

It has a very good relationship between interest (Euribor + 0.99%), related products (only 2 compulsory insurances) and totally free of commissions


  Financing of:                                                    First home

                                                                          Second home - The differential amounts to 1.09%

  For:                                                                    Purchase

                                                                          Bank Change - Subrogation

                                                                          Capital increase

  Advantages                                                     Euribor  + 0.99% for clients

                                                                          Up to 80% of appraised value

                                                                          Maximum term of 40 years

                                                                          Little bonding required


 APR                                                                   1.75%

                                                                          E + 0.99% - € 373.08 fee


 Maximum term                                                  40 years - provided that at the expiration of the same the                                                                               age of any of the holders does not exceed 75 years

 Maximum financing (LTV)                                    80% - for 1st home and 75% for 2nd home


                                                                         Opening and study 0.00%

                                                                         Novation 0.00%

                                                                        Partial amortization 0.00%

                                                                        Subrogation 0.00%


                                                                  Life insurance

                                                                 Home insurance

                                                                 Direct debit


                                                                 From Euribor + 0.99%

                                                                 Up to 80% of the appraisal for 1st house and 75% for 2nd


                                                                 From Euribor + 0.99%

                                                                 Up to 80% of the appraisal for 1st house and 75% for 2nd

                                                                   SUBROGATION with CAPITAL EXPANSION

                                                                 Euribor + 1.19%

                                                                 Up to 80% of the appraisal

                                                                 REHIBIT THE HOUSE

                                                                 Euribor + 1.19%

                                                                Up to 65% of the appraisal


Review of the semi-annual fee

Without TINI (initial interest)

The ING Direct Orange Mortgage allows the purchase of a first residence and also a second one. It is suitable for making a mortgage subrogation, that is, changing the bank mortgage, or for acquiring real estate for other purposes. It finances up to 80% of the appraised value of the home over 40 years with one of the best interests of the moment, below 1%: at Euribor + 0.99%.

Apart from the interest, another attraction of the Orange Mortgage is that it only requires the contracting of two compulsory insurances: life and home insurance, in addition to direct debiting, a link that is very affordable. All this without paying any type of commission, or opening, amortization or subrogation. It also offers the possibility of taking advantage of free credit and debit cards.

If you already have a mortgage and want to bring it to ING Direct, the entity offers the opportunity to ask for more money or change the repayment term, taking into account that in that case the interest on the Orange Mortgage would increase.

The ING Direct Orange Mortgage is one of the best products of the moment: no commissions, no floor clause, no different interest at the beginning and with very few related products.

More information at: https://www.ingdirect.es/#


                                                            Santander Santander Mortgage

                                   APR: 2.19% Interest: E + 0.99% Fee: € 373.08 Related products: 4

The Santander Mortgage at a variable rate is one of the best options at the moment because it has one of the lowest interests on the market, Euribor + 0.99%, and it also allows financing of 1st and 2nd homes.


 Financing of:                                                  First home

                                                                       Second house

 For:                                                               Purchase

                                                                      Bank Change - Subrogation

 Euribor Advantages                                     + 0.99%

                                                                     For 1st and 2nd home


 APR                                                             2.19%

                                                                    1.75% for 24 months - € 411.79 fee

                                                                    After E + 0.99% - € 373.08 fee


 Maximum term                                            30 years - 25 years for 2nd home

 Maximum financing                                     (LTV) 80% - 70% for 2nd home


                                                                  Opening and study 0.50%

                                                                  Surrogacy 0.50%


                                                                   Life insurance

                                                                   Home insurance

                                                                   Debit - or credit card. Min 6 movements


                                                                   Direct debit - From more than € 2,000

                                                                  Direct debit at least 3 receipts per quarter

                                                                 In case of not complying with the relationship, the interest rate

                                                                 applied will be Euribor + 2.19%, variable APR of 2.60%


 Annual review.

The Santander Mortgage offers some of the best conditions of the moment. For the purchase of a first home, it offers interest for the first two years of 1.75% and then Euribor + 0.99% with financing of 80% of the appraised value. If it is a second residence, the interest is still 1.75% and the third year at Euribor + 0.99%, financing up to 70%.

The link required by the Santander Mortgage is to settle the payroll of a minimum of € 2,000 per month between the holders, to contract two insurances (life and home). In addition, they ask us to domicile 3 receipts and make 6 movements with the credit or debit card in the three months prior to the interest rate review.

Another interesting point of the Santander Mortgage is that it allows (by requiring direct debit) the contracting of Account 123, the payroll account with the most advantages of the moment. In addition, by contracting this account we can access discounts on insurance contracted with the entity, making it possible to increase the savings margin.

If all the link is not fulfilled, the interest rate that would be applied would be Euribor + 2.19%.

 More information at: https://www.bancosantander.es/es/particulares/hipotecas


Hipotecas.com Variable Mortgage

APR: 2.05% Interest: E + 1.59% Fee: € 400.69 Related products: 1

The variable rate mortgage loan from Hipotecas.com is one of the most interesting options to finance the purchase of your first home, it has a very competitive interest of Euribor + 1.59%, and does not charge any type of commissions, and does not require no linkage.


 Financing of:                                                       First home

 For:                                                                       Purchase

 Advantages Euribor                                            interest + 1.59%

                                                                           No commissions

                                                                           No linked products


 APR                                                                   2.05%

                                                                          1.99% for 24 months - € 423.37 fee

                                                                          After E + 1.59% - € 400.69 fee


 Maximum term                                                30 years

 Maximum financing                                         (LTV) 80% - Not determined


                                                                        Home insurance - You can contract with any company

                                                                        insurance carrier

                                                                       The variable mortgage of Hipotecas.com offers a fixed interest

                                                                       during the first year of 2.25%, and Euribor + 1.59%

                                                                       for the rest of the life of the mortgage loan; TAE

                                                                       variable of 2,035%.

                                                                      There is also a second option of an initial 2-year fixed

                                                                      with an interest of 1.99% and then Euribor + 1.59%; the APR

                                                                      variable would be 2,052%

                                                                      In addition, the Variable Mortgage is free of commissions and                                                                          does not

                                                                      requires you to have an account with the entity, or to contract                                                                        any

                                                                      product except for damage insurance, which may

                                                                      contract with any insurance company.

The variable rate mortgage loan from Hipotecas.com is one of the most interesting options to finance the purchase of your first home, it has a very competitive interest of Euribor + 1.59%, and does not charge any type of commissions, and does not require no linkage.

More information at: https://hipotecas.com/

Mediolanum Bank Mortgage Freedom

APR: 1.89% Interest: E + 1.19% Fee: € 382.15 Related products: 2


 Financing of:                                                 First home

                                                                      Second house

 To:                                                                Purchase - You can also request for reforms.


 Advantages Term                                         up to 30 years

 Financing                                                      of 80%

                                                                      For purchase and reforms


 APR                                                              1.89%

                                                                      E + 1.19% - fee of € 382.15


 Maximum term                                            30 years

 Maximum financing                                     (LTV) 80%


                                                                    Opening and study 1.00%

                                                                   Partial amortization 0.00%

                                                                   Subrogation 0.00%


                                                                    Life insurance

                                                                   Direct debit

                                                                   It is also necessary to be a Banco Único customer (customers                                                                         who

                                                                  in addition to having the payroll domiciled in the entity they have

                                                                  a product managed at Banco Mediolanum).

For clients who do not take out life insurance or are Banco Único clients, interest will apply from Euribor + 1.39% (70% financing) and Euribor + 1.49% (financing up to 80%).


For financing of up to 70%, the interest rate is from Euribor + 1.19%.

For financing from 70% to 80%, the interest rate is from Euribor + 1.29%.

The Banco Mediolanum Freedom Mortgage is suitable for the purchase of first and second homes and offers interest from Euribor + 1.19% for financing up to 70%. If the financing reaches 80%, the interest becomes Euribor + 1.29%. The term can be a maximum of 30 years.

The relationship required by this mortgage is: direct debiting of the payroll, life insurance and contracting a product managed by Banco Mediolanum.

 More information at: https://www.bancomediolanum.es/es-ES/financiacion/hipotecas/hipoteca-freedom.html


Kutxabank Kutxabank Mortgage

APR: 1.44% Interest: E + 0.90% Fee: € 369.05 Related products: 5

The Kutxabank Mortgage offers one of the lowest interests on the market from Euribor + 0.90% and with a maximum term of up to 30 years for the purchase of the first home.


 Financing of:                                     First home

 For:                                                   Purchase

 Euribor Advantages                          + 0.90%


 APR                                                   1.44%

                                                         1.40% for 12 months - € 395.25 fee

                                                         After E + 0.90% - fee of € 369.05

 LIMITS                                             Maximum term 30 years

                                                         Maximum financing (LTV) 80%


 Opening and study                            0.25% with a minimum of € 150.00


                                                       Life insurance

                                                       Home insurance

                                                      Debit card - Purchases equal to or greater than € 3,600 per year

                                                      Direct debit - Min. € 3,000 per month

                                                      Pension plan - Minimum € 2,000 per year

In case of not complying with all the linkage and contracting only home insurance, the interest goes from Euribor + 0.90%% to Euribor + 1.90%.

The Kutxabank Mortgage is one with the lowest interest rates on the Euribor market + 0.90%. It is suitable for the purchase of a first home and allows obtaining up to 80% of financing for up to 30 years. It has a low differential, but in return requires a lot of links with the bank: domicile the payroll greater than € 3,000 per month, consume a minimum of € 3,600 per year with a credit card, hire a pension plan with a minimum annual contribution of 2,000 € and take out home insurance and life insurance. If all the required link were not met, the spreads on Euribor would rise by 1%, Variable APR: 2.33%.

More information at: https://kutxa.kutxabank.es/cs/élite/kb/es/particulares/productos/prestamo_hipotecario/hipotecas_vivienda/pys

These are the best options to start 2017 if you have to apply for a mortgage, we remember that before deciding on one of them, check if it suits your needs and observe the binding products and their particular conditions

The calculations offered are for guidance and, in any case, the operation is subject to approval by the central services of each bank, so it does not constitute a contract offer that links Marti Projects.

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