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       Real Estate Agency in Teulada Marti Projects

 Why choose Marti Projects as your real estate agency

Sell ?your property as an individual or trust a real estate agency? It is an interesting subject to evaluate and clearly there will be a variety of opinions.

Real-estate agency; Because from our company we recommend a real estate agency for the sale of your property, the sale of your property can probably be one of the most important economic decisions in your life and our thinking is that it should not be left to luck, for This is why our approach is to take it as an important project for which you must have the best professional help.

In addition, when making a decision of such importance, you must take into account a series of circumstances and issues such as those that we will show you below; You have considered whether you have time to show the house for sale to all interested parties, you have access to all real estate portals, you know how to write a legal contract, you know how to make sure that the potential buyer is solvent, etc.

There are very professional real estate agencies in Spain, but it is important that you look at your needs to be able to make a good choice, we propose a series of factors, questions or doubts that can help you choose a real estate agency that suits you:

- First Impression: Leaves a good impression, He likes how he treats him, it is a personal treatment and he is truly interested in his home, he answers his email, telephone and has an adequate office, he can explain in detail what the steps of the sale, knows the different types of contracts, works as a team or is a single person, always deals with the same person, or all colleagues in the agency know their property, etc. Do not forget that a real estate agent becomes your personal advisor and must be adjusted to your needs and therefore personal opinion about him is very valuable.

- For our Real Estate Agency the issue is not just the role of showing your property, it is much more:

We offer you a comprehensive service on the sale, we can value or appraise your property, we know the legal issues and we have a team of lawyers who constantly work with us, we do frequent market research to check the most competitive price for your property, We have knowledge of architecture and structures through our technicians specialized in these matters, we have access to both our own portal www.martiprojects.com, as well as other portals and / or advertising spaces.

- Fees: For Marti Projects SL the fees of a real estate agent does not say anything about its quality, neither the most expensive is the best, nor the cheapest the worst, we are worth the effort and the result, we can quote by way of example; The agency that offers you a higher appraisal of your house, perhaps it is only trying to attract new clients, seducing you with a higher sale price, another issue is advertising, the various publications to market a property cost money, like the small investment for the improvement of your home and in general it is the real estate agency that bears these expenses and this is reflected in their fees.

Plus, there are more important topics too:

- Transparency; We work in a transparent way, finding out our sales methodology is easy, you will be able to verify when working with our Real Estate Agency based in Moraira, that we always answer your questions, and manage your difficult questions very easily, since we surround ourselves with a group of professionals from different sectors that make our work clear, simple and efficient, likewise we abide by a series of Good Conduct Standards of a public nature and always available to customers and suppliers who request it.

- Reputation; Another very important factor for us is reputation, we are the first ones who want you to know our reputation and everything we do to keep you in the position you are in, but we recommend you before deciding to choose a real estate agency that Ask the following questions. Is it well recommended? Ask your neighbors, acquaintances, or family for references about the agency. Have you had good (or bad) experiences? And why did they like it? Is it close? Although the agency does not have to be close to your home, proximity has some advantages. Is it associated? Associated with other agencies, with a well-known brand, with a federation of real estate agencies, or is it a franchise? It is not particularly important, but in general it means that they have had to go through some quality control, at Marti Projects S. L. We currently have collaboration contracts with more than thirty companies linked to our sector; Real Estate Agencies, Construction and Promoting Companies, Banking Entities and Investment Groups, etc.

The set of answers to all these questions, and any more that you have already asked, from our company we hope that it will help you make the correct decision with which agency to collaborate, if you decide to collaborate with a professional you can and should be demanding in what What you expect from him, a suitable professional, can be the difference between selling or not selling.


Buying or selling a property in Spain as a holiday residence or investment is an important decision. At Marti Projects S.L. We offer a selection of properties throughout the Costa Blanca, we have a wide variety of; apartments, houses, luxury villas and plots near the beach, as well as investment properties; hotels, shops or land for construction among other products.

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