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lunes, 03 de agosto de 2020


Recently our company Marti Projects Agencia Inmobiliaria in Teulada made a collaboration agreement with Asociacion Benefica de Teulada originally founded in 1989 by Wendy Ollas and Patricia Martin, as a store for the Red Cross.



We can follow their work and social commitment through the website of the Teulada Benefit Association https://www.charityshopteulada.com

¨The name was changed to the Teulada Charity Shop Charitable Association in 2000 and has expanded so rapidly that we have had to relocate our premises three times; first in 1995, again in 2005 and finally in 2011 in our current facilities at Avenida Mediterraneo 183, Teulada.

The store continues to flourish and has gradually accumulated a broader clientele, with more from the Spanish community taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase some of our many bargains.


The Teulada Charity Association is run by volunteers, mainly British, but we have other nationalities helping including Spaniards, and all the money originally generated went towards the maintenance of the Red Cross ambulance station located on the N332 in Benissa / Gata / Teulada roundabout.

In recent years, the store helped buy three new ambulances, a car for the station, and helped equip the new ambulances with medical equipment and other essential supplies.

However, since 2009 the Association suspended its collaboration with the Red Cross and formed an alliance with Social Services and Civil Protection Teulada / Moraira to provide a new ambulance service for the local community.

From Marti Projects, a real estate agency based in Teulada, we want to inform you that this collaboration agreement is based on an attempt to help and contribute to this social work with the donation of 10% of the result of purchase and sale operations that have been carried out through collaboration with members and friends of the Teulada Charity Association.


- How can the Teulada Charity Association benefit from this 10%


It really is simple, any member, friend or partner of the Teulada Charity Association can contribute the properties without any exclusivity they want to sell or friends and family who want to buy a property in the area to Marti Projects.

We will take care of your marketing or search for free through our website, publishing it in various real estate portals and we will distribute them among our collaborators.

As a result of each purchase-sale made through the members of the Teulada Charity Association, Marti Projects agrees to make a donation of 10% of the amount received in its purchase-sale management commission.


- As Marti Projects justifies the money received to make this donation.

Marti Projects Real Estate Agency in Moraira, will present the invoice of the resulting commission to those responsible for the Teulada Charity Association, with this process we want to demonstrate the clarity and transparency of our intentions.


- How can the members, members and friends of the Teulada Charity Association contribute their properties or request a search.

You can go directly to the store located at Avenida Mediterraneo 183, Teulada, 03725 Alicante. Voluntary staff will contact our company or contact us directly at sales@mrmarti.es, at all times the Teulada Charity Association will be informed of the arrangements made with us.


From Marti Projects we want this agreement with the Teulada Charity Association to be very useful to continue the great social work that this association is carrying out in our region.



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