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sábado, 18 de julio de 2020




      Select a house with guarantee


We continue with our articles to advise you and try to help you at such an important moment in people,s lives as buying a home. There are a number of less important aspects that a priori must be considered.


It is essential before formalizing the sale of any property to examine its legal situation and verify that everything is in order.

We will indicate what procedures to follow and where to go to collect all the information. It is necessary to verify all the legal aspects associated with the property to make the best decision.

We review the necessary documentation and where you should go to request it.

   Property registration

If you have selected a home that you want to buy, regardless if its use is intended for first residence or as an investment product, you must ensure that it complies with all legal guarantees, it will be necessary to go to the Property Registry to request all the information regarding the property, the visit can be personal or through the website of the Property Registry corresponding to the property, we will request.

- The single note; It is an informative document that provides data on the legal situation of a property: the identification of the property (description, situation, area, boundaries with other properties, etc.), the identity of the owners, the co-ownership fees on the property horizontal, the administrative regime that could affect it.


If it is a subsidized housing

If they weigh charges or liens on it such as mortgages and all the data on it (figure, interest, maturity)

- If it is a usufruct, or if it is attached.

The simple note has no legal value, it is purely informative.

- The certificate of domains and loads; It is a document with legal validity that is usually requested as evidence against third parties in cases of legal disputes. When the application for a mortgage is required, we must also provide this certificate, it appears the signature of the registrar who is responsible for the veracity of the content of the document.

   Town hall

We must go to the town hall and ask them to detail the legal situation of the building there, if a property is affected by an urban plan we will not always find these data in the Land Registry.

   Commercial Registry

New housing or an off-plan purchase, you should pay attention to the situation of the developer or construction company, a consultation with the Commercial Registry can avoid more than one problem.

Habitability Certificate, Certificate of Energy Efficiency (CEE) and proof of the Technical Building Inspection (ITE)

They are documents that the seller must provide. You must inquire, through the seller, owner or real estate agent, what fees and for what amount must be paid to the Community of Owners (If any spill is planned: Repair of the electrical installation, the installation of an elevator or the cleaning service of the community, etc.

Basically in this way, you can determine if the purchase of your future property is a correct decision.

This list is basic, after it must be reported in more detail in each step of the process, having the services of a good real estate professional is recommended and remember that you do not have to pay, your fees are borne by the seller.