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jueves, 09 de julio de 2020




              For our Real Estate Agency the key is CONFIDENCE


As professionals, we will try to sell your property as quickly as possible, with the savings that means from the point of view of avoiding price drops, normally the first offer is the best, because your property is known by neighbors in the area who were attentive and they are the ones that best recognize the environment, the characteristics and the prices. The services must be paid by the seller and is only charged if in the end we sell your property. If it is not sold, it is not charged that simple.

 At Marti Projects S. L. based in Teulada, Alicante, we are professionals who offer our services for which we should logically charge, recognizing that some real estate agencies have done a lot of damage to the image of professionals in the sector.

It is true that the sales commission is not regulated, the reasonable and usual thing is that the real estate agency charges you between 3% and 5% of the price of the property. Homeowners who have been trying to sell their home for more than a year have seen their value drop by 15% and many more times. If you choose the real estate agent well, you will have a better chance of success in your sale. Consult your friends or neighbors if they know any real estate agency managed by trustworthy personnel and analyze the results, that the real estate agency is collaborating with a group of real estate agents is a good sign, generating trust between both collaborating companies, true professionals cannot waste opportunities for sale because the property is owned by another real estate agent.


    A very important element is the price.


The price that is published on the Internet through its website and the price of the real estate agency is the same, if it changes, immediately inform the realtor so that it also changes, the potential buyer searches for your property almost exclusively online and if you will find two different prices wary. A suspicious customer simply doesn,t buy.

The realtor must correctly select its potential buyer; do not allow clients to bring you that the characteristics of your home do not fit their needs and tastes or whose method of payment has not been previously studied.


From our experience we advise that you should not intervene in the conversation or any kind of negotiations between the real estate agent and the buyer during the visit, if they are true professionals, they will know how to do it and any characteristic of the property will have been previously disclosed, the The most interested part in concluding the operation is undoubtedly the owner, if you want to sell, you must adapt to the clients, schedules, at these times of oversupply it may take many visits to sell your property, do not think that the real estate agency is doing their job wrong. Of great help for your sale think about, paint the walls, get rid of all the useless things, put the property in order and remove the excess furniture, the property will look more spacious, without forgetting that you have to have the facilities of water, electricity, gas ... etc, in perfect condition.


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