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miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2020


Home cleaning

Hire Home Cleaning? what do i need it for?



A thorough general cleaning at home or your office makes all the difference.

 Why hire a thorough general cleaning?

 I need more time!

Surely we have said this phrase to ourselves on many occasions, and of course, in our free time, what we least want is to start cleaning our house or office. Circumstances such as agreeing with roommates to clean student flats, or the risk it poses to our parents when they get a little older or simply because we enjoy our clean home much more!

 How does the general cleaning service work?

 As simple as you tell us what you want to clean, we value a budget for all the cleaning of the rooms that you tell us that you need to clean and we take care of everything.

 We will carry professional cleaning products and all kinds of utensils and machinery to optimize the result.

 What is and why hire a custom cleaning?

 Custom solution!

Custom cleaning consists of you giving us an assessment of the hours that you think are necessary to carry out the cleaning service at home, and only pay for the number of hours of service you need. We take care of your CUSTOMIZED cleaning so that you get a service that suits your needs at that time. You will get our response in less than 48 hours and you will get the requested budget.

 How does the custom cleaning service work?

 Simply pay for what you really need, you configure the cleaning, of course, with the help you need from our consultants. Once completed, the team of professionals will be at your facility on the day and at the agreed time to perform the cleaning service as you have requested.