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 Networking and Marti Projects Inmobiliaria in Teulada



Networking is a philosophy that consists of establishing a professional network of contacts based on making yourself known personally and to a business, listening and learning from others, finding potential collaborators, partners or investors, enabling the exchange of information and contacts as well as establishing relationships with people who share common professional interests, the purpose is to expand a business, to increase its visibility and improve its network of business contacts and thus generate business within it.


                     Jose Martí Manager  

                      of Marti Projects

             in different Networking events

For our company, networking occurs naturally, for a time it has been given a name in English, but we have innately developed it, within our philosophy the exchange of information has been very important, that it is worth us to have information if we cannot use it or share it, we have never believed in the patterns of possession of information for the sole benefit it is a dead end, if you give, for our company it is vital by necessity and that simple.

It is our way of understanding business, our way of living. The sample may be in the collaboration contracts that we have signed with companies from different sectors related to the real estate world; Banking entities, construction companies, developers, different specialized professionals, real estate agencies, etc. Of course, some people and companies give us some disappointment than others, not everything is wonderful in this exciting world of business, but this has never made us change our way of understanding it, not only in front of the business itself but also in our personal relationships, since for us company and person have always been a reflection of the other.

Marti Projects always in its willingness to do *networking *participates constantly and actively in all those events, where our presence may be of interest, we believe that there is always a benefit and the most curious is that it does not entail any effort at all The opposite are usually very pleasant and enriching experiences for us and for our company.


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