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lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2021


Everything you need to know about municipal capital gains



The regulatory change to make the municipal capital gains tax legal and constitutional has already entered into force. The rule does not have retroactive effects, so that many more taxpayers than the Government expects can avoid paying this tax. In addition, the person who paid this tax before the new regulations came into force can continue to claim if he sold at a loss or if what he paid was confiscatory. We explain what the news consists of, how to calculate the capital gain and if you are part of the group of winners who will not pay capital gains for selling or inheriting a home.

The capital gain after the declaration of unconstitutionality and the new regulations

• This is how the new municipal capital gain works
• Who can get rid of paying the municipal capital gain
• Who can claim before the sentence is published in the BOE

How to appeal if there are losses or if the tax is confiscatory, and other questions

• A court clarifies whether to pay when a house is inherited at two different times
• The Supreme Court ends a defenseless practice for the taxpayer by the City Council
• The Supreme Court gives a second chance to those who unsuccessfully claimed
• If you pay someone other than the seller of the house, you will not be able to claim undue income
• The legal way to cancel the payment of the Capital Gain, even if there are gains from the sale of the house

Other questions of interest about municipal capital gains

• If you have inherited or bought a house, you are interested in knowing where to pay taxes
• The municipalities that collect the most from the municipal capital gains tax