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jueves, 08 de octubre de 2020



 Why do I need a topographic study for my home?


Choosing the proper plot on which you want to install your home is essential so that you can get the most out of it in terms of location, lighting, quality of supplies, etc. In fact, once you have decided and know where you want to see the house of your dreams built, one of the most important steps is to prepare a topographic study that allows us to know in depth the characteristics of the terrain.

 What is a topographic study?

A topographic study makes it possible to obtain a graphic representation of the configuration of a given plot. Through this you can know the location coordinates of the land, its relief, its measurements, its polygonal structure and limits and its height above sea level, among other issues.

There are several types of topographic studies. One of the most common is lifting, through which you can carry out activities such as:

-Lifting of plans, which consists of drawing up a plan of the terrain with all its geographical features.

- Layout of plans, which is based on the transfer to the real terrain of the specifications contained in the registry information.

-Demarcation, which seeks to establish the limits between a piece of land and neighboring properties.

-Mojonamiento, which happens to indicate on the ground itself, with physical elements, these limits of separation with the properties that surround it.

In any case, if we are interested in a certain parcel, we can obtain preliminary topographic information about it, before acquiring it, on the Cadastre website and on the Sigpac system portal.

 Why is it so important in the construction of your home?

Having a topographic study allows the architectural specialist to adapt each project to the terrain on which it will be built.

In Resan it helps us to define how to build the connection to the general water and sewerage network and to budget the cost of this task properly before signing the contract.

In addition, it offers other advantages, such as:

-Flood prevention: with a topographic study it is possible to identify the areas prone to being flooded by rainwater and thus avoid building on them.

-Saving in excavations: the movement of earth is reduced to what is essential, which means less expense for the developer and sustainability in the development of the works.

-Respect for alignments: the topographic study facilitates the determination of the alignment of the building in line with the surrounding properties.