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viernes, 01 de diciembre de 2017


70% of potential buyers start searching for their home online. The first thing they see of their property is an image.

Home staging (preparing the house so that it looks at its best to attract the largest number of potential clients) is gaining strength as a marketing technique to attract more customers via internet property portals.

The concept is perhaps something new in our society, but in the United States and Central Europe it has been taking place for more than 20 years.

Home staging is pure logic, literally meaning . The goal is to condition the property and see it through the eyes of the buyer in order that it is sold as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Just think that if the product is well presented, more customers will attract and therefore generate more sales opportunities, pure mathematics.

It is essential to clear, clean, repair, prioritize space, depersonalize, review decoration, etc.

It is vital to depersonalize the property, it is not just about taking down paintings and photos. Depersonalizing goes further:  it neutralizes spaces. We must also give importance to changing curtains, textiles, sheets, etc. and the arrangement of furniture. The aesthetic is more important than the functional.

Clients do not have to imagine what the house would be like, they have to feel and imagine living in it. 

Home staging starts at € 300 which would be a basic treatment up to 1% of the total value of the house. The investment is recovered when the property is sold as the price achieved is greater and with less time on the market and less stressful negotiations. High quality photographs will also attract a greater number of potential customers as long as they are true to reality.

Do you do it yourself or hire a professional?

You decide the value of your time and your capabilities. If you decide to hire a professional, he can review the work you have done and advise you if your potential buyers will identify with your style.  


Specifically, Home Staging consists of performing a series of actions in order to help sell your property.

Depersonalize the property to make it neutral.

Remove all your own or previous tenant s objects.

Memories, paintings, vinyl, collectibles etc do not represent any added value for the buyer.

The importance of aesthetic appeal.

It is not about making major reforms and repairs. Just fix as much as possible, all those small details that may draw the attention of the buyer to be in poor condition: cables that lie on the floor, a wall with moisture and damp, taps that do not work properly etc.

When making the photographs of the property these details must be hidden and by the time of the visit of the buyers, solved.

Adequate decoration

As much as possible and without a large financial outlay, we will always advise that you decorate in a modern, sober and neutral way.

Subsequently, the buyer will be responsible for decorating the property to their liking and buying all the extra items they want to build their new home with.

 When entering the property they must find a modern, clean, sober and neutral base, both in terms of furniture including curtains, bedding, carpets, etc.

Adequate lighting

Another important element to consider for the sale of your property is lighting.

We all want there to be as much natural light as possible. If your property already has it you have to do everything possible for the prospective buyer to see it.

On the other hand, if the property does not have much light you should provide it with  pleasant illumination that shows it to its best advantage.

Organization of space

When people have lived all their lives in a house they have a certain way of seeing things. It is important to bear in mind that a buyer will see it in a totally different way. By re-organising the different elements found in their property space will be better utilized. Clearing rooms is also necessary, remember that the emptier the property is the more a sense of spaciousness can be created which will allow a new buyer to become more comfortable and start to envisage what their new home will look like.

This set of changes should be reflected in the photographs that are made to advertise your property. The quality of the photographs will help to get more clicks and increase the possibility of getting a sale quicker.

Does Home Staging work and is it worth it?

With the application of Home Staging we hope, with these marketing actions, to enhance the strong characteristics of your property and minimize the weak points thus converting your property into a desirable home.

According to a survey of the AHSE in 2016 (First Survey of Home Staging of Spain), a property with a good home staging applied takes only 38 days to sell, 8 times faster than properties in which these changes have not been carried out .

Also according to the same survey one of the effects is that the sale price increases by around 2.8% in 37% of cases. In most cases without Home |Staging the price is lowered by 14% during the negotiation process until the final sale.

For these reasons we believe that applying Home Staging techniques to homes is fundamental to accelerate and improve the sales process.