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lunes, 19 de octubre de 2020


 Reasons to buy home insurance


At present, a home is one of the most precious assets that can be had due to the large investment involved in its acquisition. Most users resort to applying for a mortgage to be able to face this expense, so it could be said that for more or less years, part of the house also corresponds to the financial institution.

Since setbacks are the order of the day, being protected against any situation by hiring home insurance is the most logical option. These types of policies not only cover the investment that has been made, but above all the value that the home has reached with all the goods it houses inside and the structure that makes it up. Let,s not forget that the coverage of these insurance covers two fundamental concepts: the container and the content.

  Why buy home insurance?

Liability is one of the most important guarantees that any home insurance offers. In this way, the owner of the house is protected against the damages that the property itself may cause to a third party, such as a water leak, since the insurance is responsible for solving the situation and paying the corresponding compensation.

With enough probability, on some occasion there will be material damage such as a traffic jam, a broken glass, dEscritorioamage to sanitary equipment, a damage to a decorative object, etc. When you take out home insurance, the coverage of material damage and all accidental risk covers this type of unforeseen event.

Thefts in homes are more frequent than expected, so if you suffer one inside the home, the policy includes compensation for the loss of personal property. In addition, most of these insurances also protect the inhabitants of the house in the event that they suffer a robbery or theft on the street, even going so far as to respond to fraudulent use of credit cards.

Although it may seem incredible, in our country thousands of fires occur each year, mainly due to electrical problems. In the event that this occurs, the policy covers losses caused for this reason.In the event of a serious accident, it is possible that the home is completely destroyed and if home insurance is not available, it is the owners themselves who have to bear the entire cost of reconstruction. However, this policy offers compensation for the rehabilitation of the property and the replacement of lost property.

By hiring home insurance, the house is also protected from damage caused by atmospheric phenomena.
In the event that the owner of the house or any inhabitant is involved in a litigation, the legal defense service provides the necessary support especially in damage claims, criminal defense, labor lawsuits, etc.

In the event of any claim, the beneficiaries of home insurance can access urgent assistance from the insurance company itself, which will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. As a general rule, policyholders have access to this service at special rates.

Although many people are unaware of it, purchasing home insurance protects all members of the family, including pets. Most of these products include civil liability coverage in the event that the pet causes any material or personal damage to third parties, among others.

Among the reasons for taking out home insurance is also the DIY service that users can benefit from. In the case of not being very skilled with housework, this coverage is in charge of carrying them out, such as installing a lamp, hanging curtains, mounting a shelf, etc.