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                           SUPPLY HIGH


Once the purchase of the home has been made, you have to contract the supplies to provide it with all the services. Register with an electric, gas and water company.

   Electric supply

You must make sure of what type of home you have and attend to the following cases before contacting the electricity supplier:

First Occupancy Housing; You have to make sure that the electrical connection is made and you will need special documents to contract the electricity, normally provided by the builder or developer who has carried out the construction of the new home.

Second Occupancy Housing; You must have already had electricity, so the customer will have to find out how long you have been decommissioned.

*If there is an electrical supply, a new registration is not necessary; a change of ownership will suffice, which will save money *.

You must take into account choosing a power, this will allow you to connect a number of electrical devices at the same time and that will be essential for the proper functioning of your property, it will depend on what the electricity and the electrical devices that you want to connect are used for.

The costs of activating a new electricity supply and reactivating a supply not used more than 3 years ago, included in Royal Decree 1434/2002 of December 14, are associated with concepts related to the new contract and will be included in the invoice. These concepts are:

 Access rights: They will be paid when contracting a new supply or by expanding the power of an existing supply.

 Extension rights: They are paid by expanding the contracted power over the rights already assigned, by using the electrical infrastructure of the distribution company in the case of new supplies or if the supply point has not been used for more than 3 years.

 Down payment rights

*Remember that you do not have to pay anything to the specialist who installs the meter, since it is the distributor that will collect all the costs through your new electricity bill*.

There may be other contracting expenses associated with the purchase and installation of the measurement equipment; Collection of a deposit, fees, etc. In the case of the deposit, the amount paid will be recovered after the payment of the last invoice at the time of cancellation of the contract.

All these aspects will be important since they define, the documents that you must provide, the price that must be paid and will facilitate the procedure with the electric company.

Before hiring, it is advisable to choose the most convenient electricity rate and see what conditions each of the marketers offers. Using an electricity rate comparator will present you with the most profitable option for your supply.

Once the electricity rate has been decided, you only have to call the company that offers it and request a new electricity registration, it can be done in several ways; In person, by phone or online and depending on each situation, provide the following information:

- Personal data of the owner of the supply

- Supply address

- Electric power

- Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS), one of the most important data to provide The CUPS number is essential to carry out most procedures, since it is the code that identifies the supply to the customer and allows the distributor to know where it has than supplying light or gas. Obtaining this code can be done in two ways:

                           - You can contact the distributor in the area, which is the one that assigns the

                             code to the facility and you are obliged to provide this number to the owner

                             of said supply.

                         - If the home or company already had electricity, you can get the number

                           CUPS consulting a electricity bill

- Electric Bulletin, if it is a new home or is over 20 years old

- Bank account

The estimated time of the entire process is 5 to 7 business days, in this period the distributor will contact you, informing you when the meter connection will be made and to request access to the authorized technician.

   Water supply

You should keep in mind that depending on the region where the purchase of the home has been made, that the water supply will depend on each municipal company, since the municipalities grant service concessions to public, private or mixed companies, causing the price and the quality is different in each city.

To carry out the registration of the water supply, you must contact the company that corresponds geographically and normally they will ask you to provide a series of documentation:

  Document that accredits you as the owner of the home

  Identity document (DNI or NIE in the case of Residents)

  Holder,s bank details

  Installer bulletin (if it is the first contract)

Depending on the geographical area where the supply is going to be requested, the supplying company is required to present the property habitability certificate. Depending on each Autonomous Community can change its regulations, the certificate of habitability is legalized by the Autonomous Communities, so that they have their own regulations in this regard, in Aragon or Castilla La Mancha this administrative document has been partially or repealed totally to promote access to housing and simplify procedures. In others, the certificate of habitability is called differently, as in the Valencian Community where it is called "second occupation license", although it has the same effects as the first.

Upon delivery of this documentation the company will proceed to install the meter, and in approximately 3 or 4 days you will already have water in the house.

Remember that the costs of this supply will depend on both the consumption that is made and the characteristics of the property such as size, number of bathrooms or whether a garden or terrace with water outlet is available, in addition these costs are associated with concepts related to the new contract and that will be included in the invoice.

These concepts are:

 Contracting Fee; That must be paid to activate the service.

 Fixed Fee; What is paid for the availability of the service

 Variable consumption quota; Depending on the consumption made


   Gas supply

Likewise, in the previous cases, you must make sure of what type of house you have and check if it is equipped with gas pipes to be able to request the supply of this, being this the case, we will continue with the following steps.

The registration costs of a gas supply or the costs of reactivating a supply point that has not been used for more than five years are regulated in Royal Decree 1434/2002 of December 14. As in the case of contracting for electricity supply, these costs are associated with concepts related to the new contracting and which are included in the invoice.

 These concepts are:

Registration Rights: Economic consideration received by the gas distribution company when a new user contracts the piped gas supply service. Once the bulletin is received from the authorized installer, the distribution company will inspect the receiving installation, proceeding to install and seal the measurement equipment of the new user.

Connection rights: Economic consideration charged by the gas distribution company for the installation and operation necessary to service a new gas supply point or to expand the capacity of an existing one.

*In the event of termination of the supply contract, the connection rights will be maintained for the supply or consumption points for which they were paid for a period of five years*.