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Practical Guide of Recommendations and Advice

Before, during and after the purchase of a home in

Everything you need to know to buy a property in Spain, explained point by point, from start to finish




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We know how difficult it can be to make the decision to buy a home or property, we are aware that it is probably one of the most important decisions of your life and in order not to be alone on this path from our company Marti Projects S.L. We have edited this practical guide with recommendations and advice to accompany you in all phases of the buying and selling process, all of them of great importance to avoid possible problems that may appear.


*The best way to avoid problems is to avoid them*

Divided into three essential parts, before, during and after, we hope that while being useful it will be enjoyable for our readers.

Although our reference area is the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, these practical tips are mostly applicable to any area of Spanish territory.



         Introduction (p. 6)

PART ONE Before 1



1.1 - Right choice. (p. 7)

1.2 - The Real Estate Agency. (p.7)

1.3 - Visit to the Property. (p. 8)

1.4 - Property Registry. (p. 9)

1.5 - Purchase on Plane. (p. 10)

1.6 - Second Hand Property. (p. 10)

1.7 - Before the formalization of the purchase. (p. 11)

1.8 - Payment of taxes. (p. 12)

1.9 - THE PRICE. (p. 13)

1.10 - Second home. (p. 15)





2.1 Expenses of buying a home and who has to pay. (p. 17)

a -Public deed in the notary. (p. 18)

b - Registration in the Land Registry. (p. 18)

c -Taxes. (p. 19)

d -Management (Only in the case of requesting a mortgage). (p. 20)

e - Municipal capital gain. (p. 20)

2.2 - Mistakes to avoid before signing a mortgage. (p. 20)

a- Do not depend solely on our bank for life. (p. 20)

b- Do not depend excessively on the bank. (p. 21)

c- Apart from the interest we should look more deeply. (p. 21)

d- Before accepting a possible offer you must understand all the conditions

Of the same. (p. 21)

e- Check that the conditions are agreed upon before signing the

Contract. (p. 21)

2.3 - Different types of contracts. (p. 22)

2.3, 1 Arras Contract. (p. 22)

2.3, 2 Confirmatory Arras. (p. 22)

2.3, 3 Penitentiary Arras. (p. 22)

2.3, 4 Penalties. (p. 22)

2.3, 5 Promise of Sale. (p. 22)

2.3, 6 Purchase Option (page 22)

2.3, 7 Private Contract. (p. 22)





3.1 - After signing the purchase-sale contract. (p. 23)

3.1, 1 Presentation in the Land Registry. (p. 23)

3.1, 2 Presentation at the Liquidation Office. (p. 23)

3.1, 3 Change of name in the Cadastre. (p. 23)

3.2 Make the changes of owner of the property supplies; Electricity, water and gas. (p. 24)

Electric supply. (p. 24)

Water supply. (p. 26)

Gas supply. (p. 27)

3.3 Home Insurance, not compulsory but recommended. (p. 27)

3.4 Tips to keep your second residence in perfect condition

a - Checking entrances and facilities. (p. 28)

b - General care. (p. 28)

c - Depending on your situation, we advise you to keep more attention to the property. (p. 28)

d- Option to rent the second residence for periods of time (p. 28)

e- Good insurance for your second home. (p. 29)

  Conclusion. (p. 29)

After having read this brief guide to buy a house in Spain without problems and have gone through the steps of a suitable choice of your property, first or second hand, considering the price and your taxes, applied for a mortgage if necessary , signing the deed in the notary, having registered the property, providing it with all the necessary supplies, having insured it and keeping it in perfect condition, we are left with no other option than to wish you enjoy it for a long time.


*We hope that this series of recommendations has been very useful to you*