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     Good Conduct Standards


From Marti Projects S.L. We inform you that we have always been governed by a series of Rules of Good Practice, public and accessible to our collaborators, owners, suppliers and customers.


Below we go on to detail them, they are simply a way to go within the normality of an honest business relationship between different people or groups of companies.


   1 Confirmation and verification of ownership of the real estate to be commercialized.


Each real estate that is offered to the Real Estate Agency Marti Projects S.L. For its possible commercialization and once its ownership has been demonstrated, it is required that it be signed by the owner / supplier of the property (Signature of the Sales Mandate) thus giving us consent for the real estate to be put up for sale, a series of steps.

For this Marti Projects S.L. requires and carries out before the commercialization of the real estate, and depending on the particular characteristics of these, a series of checks:

 - That the owner owns or has the transfer real estate.

 - That the description of the real estate is consistent and confirmed with the titles (Also known as Scriptures)   and / or cadastral record of the same.

 - The state of real estate in the land registry.

 - That the house has the current occupancy license or habitability cell.

 - That the house has different supplies; water, electricity, gas, landline, etc. (According to the conditions of the   real estate to be sold)

- That the classification of the urban term is adequate for the use of the land. (In the case of plots or land).


    2 Information on the conditions of purchase and sale and the costs of the parties involved in it.


  Seller must pay:

 - The tax on municipal capital gains.

 - Expenses of cancellation charges.

 - Registration fees for unregistered buildings or extensions.

 - Supplies.

 - IBI annuity for the current year.

 - The services of Marti Projects S.L.

  The buyer should pay:

 - The tax on the purchase or sale of real estate.

 - Notary fees.

 - The costs of registering the sales contract.

 - Supply changes; water, gas, telephone, electricity, etc.


   3 Information on the content of private purchase-sale agreements.


  The sales contract must contain the following:

 - Identification of the property.

 - Data recording, together with the simple copy.

 - The cadastral data.

 - Costs.

 - Administrative documentation.

 - Details of the price and payment terms.

 - The other stipulations established by law and / or the parties by mutual agreement.


   4 Documentation to be provided to interested clients, regarding the contracted property.


 The client interested in buying real estate will be provided, upon acceptance of their offer to   purchase the property, copies of:

 - The seller,s title (Photocopy of the deed)

 - Cadastre Sheet

 -Construction permit (In the event that the property needs it)

 - Project book (In case the property needs it)

 - Copy of the distribution of the furniture (If these are included in the sale)


   5 Information about defects, defects or costs of real estate.


For Marti Projects S.L. honesty and transparency is essential and we reflect this in our daily work in the case of the properties we offer for sale, we ask the person who offers us their real estate to report the flaws or defects observed in it. Marti Projects S.L. shall not be liable in the event that an owner or supplier has fraudulently used our company and for any purpose other than these Rules of Good Practice.

If the interested person wants to obtain a technical report of the real estate, we recommend that they hire an independent professional and without interest or relationship with the seller or our company.


   6 Marti Projects S.L. and the charge for services performed.


Only the person requesting their services will have to pay and they will always be established in advance, signed in duplicate and delivering a copy of the same to the client who requested them, once the service is complete, the charge will be charged with a duly completed invoice, under terms of the current legislation.

The amounts received in the case of signaling, down payment contracts, etc. they will be credited to an account opened exclusively to receive money from third parties.

Marti Projects S.L. It has a large multidisciplinary group of independent experts in various matters related to the real estate sector and will inform the client in each of its own matters of the charge for the service that is to be contracted.

However, Marti Projects S.L. invites the client to obtain independent advice from lawyers, architects or technicians, specific to each professional aspect, with companies or individuals, who are not directly related to our company.


   7 Marti Projects S.L. information to your suppliers / owners


  Marti Projects S.L. Periodically informs the suppliers of the real estate of;


 - When visits have been made to their properties, providing them with the dates and names of the people who have visited them.

 - Transmit possible offers made, previously assessing whether it is of interest to the owner, ruling out undervalued ones, always defending the interests of our clients.


   8 Responsibility.


Marti Projects S.L. It has civil liability insurance, and copies of the policy are available to owners / suppliers, collaborators and clients who request it.


   9 Collaboration contracts with Agencies of the Real Estate Sector.


For Marti Projects S.L. A very important sample of trust deposited in our company is a series of collaboration contracts signed with different Real Estate Agencies and with Bank Entities for the exchange of information and financing, on properties and the direction to take according to the state and time of the real estate sector.


   10 Data Protection


Marti Projects S.L. complying with the obligations of the LOPD follow the following steps.


 -Notification of the files to the General Data Protection Registry.

 -Ensure that the data is adequate and truthful, lawfully and legitimately obtained and processed in proportion to the purpose for which it was collected.

 - Guarantee compliance with the duties of secrecy and security.

 - Inform the holders of personal data in the collection of these.

 - Obtain consent for the processing of personal data.

 - Facilitate and guarantee the exercise of the rights of opposition to the treatment, access, rectification and cancellation.

 - Ensure that in its relationships with third parties that provide services that involve access to personal data, the provisions of the LOPD are complied with.


   11 claims


Marti Projects S.L. She has Complaint Sheets at her office available to clients who request them in accordance with current legislation.


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