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sábado, 27 de junio de 2020

 We are in Fallas

        Denia in Fallas, one more year with another street art show without equal.


Thanks to the Fallas Commissions (Monument to Fire Associations), a total of twelve, participate in the Fallas      festival.

Not to be missed are these festivities where pyrotechnics, popular foods and the tour visiting the Fallas are the main activities these days in Denia.

The festivities begin with the planta (Placement of the Fallas) and gunpowder, in all its spectacular demonstrations, takes on a leading role, enjoying parades, "mascletaes" (rockets), music, popular lunches and dinners, fireworks, etc.

A street show not to be missed, full of indisputable art.

On the eve of Saint Joseph,s day bonfires were lit to announce their festivity, this ritual practice receiving the name of "crema".

With the Crema, the Fallas are burned, ending the party.

First, the children,s Fallas are burned, to make way for the higher-volume Fallas.

In Denia all the Fallas do not burn at the same time, they gradually burn, which allows you to enjoy the Crema of several Fallas.