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miércoles, 05 de agosto de 2020

Did you know?

Through the slogan Did you Know? / Did you know that?, Our real estate agency in Teulada Marti Projects S.L long ago launched a collaboration campaign with various charitable associations in our region in towns such as Moraira, Benissa, Altea, Denia, Calpe, La Nucia, Javea, Jalon. etc.

With this campaign we want to recognize, support and expand the great work and effort that these associations are doing in different and varied causes, without profit.

Always with the spirit of solidarity that has characterized us throughout our lives, our company began by signing collaboration agreements with other companies in the sector, banks and different professionals in the real estate world.

In one of those visits that real estate agents make constantly in various areas, we began to observe some stores that caught our attention *Las Charytis* charity shops.

What is this?

Obviously they are thrift stores, but what for? And why ?, When we began to know what the funds collected in this type of very special stores were used for, attended by volunteer staff and managed by non-profit groups of people of different nationalities and ages, we were told that we could not stay on the sidelines and what we could do from our company to collaborate.

It is evident that we cannot financially help all these Associations (We would love to), but we can and want to offer our help and support within our possibilities.

When you know first-hand the works that these associations are carrying out, the sentiment that they transmit to us, is first of all admiration for the dedication that they put into their different causes;

Helping and protecting underprivileged children, collaborating against cancer, working as translators, caring for dogs, cats, horses, donating ambulances, caring for the sick, protecting families without recourse, etc, etc, the list is endless.

Secondly, we started to think about how we could cooperate with them and Did you Know? / Did you know?

With the Did you Know? / Did you know that ?, we try to collaborate financially with these associations, through donations that arise from our commission to buy and sell a property offered by one of the members or collaborators of these associations or a client who contributes to us.

We have made more than a dozen collaboration agreements with various associations and our idea has been very well received by their president and we are having conversations with several more.

From Marti Projects S.L. We make sure that all the Associations with which we have this collaboration agreement are registered and have all their documentation in order to guarantee the destination of our donations.

On our blog we are publishing articles related to these associations and with which we have materialized agreements. We plan shortly to provide our website with a section on the different Charitable Associations with which we collaborate, in it we will offer information on each of them, what they do, where they are and how to contact them.

What did Did you Know consist of? / Did you know?

Marti Projects S.L. will make a donation of 10% of the profit obtained from the purchase or sale of a property or search for it, to the association that provided the property or the client.

- How can an Association benefit from this 10%?

It really is simple, any member, friend or partner of an Association can contribute the properties without any exclusivity that they want to sell or friends and family who want to buy a property in Marti Projects S.L.

We will take care of your marketing or search for free through our website, publishing it in various real estate portals and we will distribute them among our collaborators and our client portfolio.

- How do you justify Marti Projects S.L. the money received to make this donation?

Marti Projects S.L. Real Estate Agency in Teulada, will present the invoice of the resulting commission to the heads of the corresponding Association, with this process we want to demonstrate the clarity and transparency of our intentions.

- How can members, members and friends of an Association contribute their properties or request a search?

You can contact the association directly, in the charytis shop where the volunteer staff will contact our company or contact us directly at sales@mrmarti.es, at all times the Association will be informed of the steps that are taken with us.

We hope this Did you Know? / Did you know? Help all the associations that have trusted it and contribute to extend their way of understanding LIFE
Thanks to all those anonymous people for your dedication

Jose Marti Cardona and Mateo Ballestero Vian founders of Marti Projects S.L.

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