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lunes, 03 de agosto de 2020




Recently, our company Marti Projects Agencia Inmobiliaria in Teulada, we have made a collaboration agreement with Giving4Giving, a charity association to help against cancer, based in La Nucia and Altea.

We can follow their work and social commitment through the page www.facebook.com/Giving4GivingCharity


 We read on their page:


¨Giving4giving is a fully registered charity based in La Nucía and Altea. (Charity number CV-01-052-196-a). When it comes to charities, please feel free to ask for your charity number as this is a legal requirement and you should be happy to provide it.

Our 3 stores are fully supported by volunteers. We are very grateful for all the help and KINDNESS shown to us.

Giving4giving La Nucía is located next to Masymas in the Monver Shopping Center, local 12

Giving4giving 1 Altea shop is located on the N-332 that goes towards Calpe, immediately after the flags and the fountain, next to the terrace bar.

Giving4giving 2 Altea shop is in front of the Altea town hall on Avenida Jaime Nº 2


We are depending on your generosity regarding donations, we are grateful for the unwanted items that you no longer need. Gary Burr, president of the association, is always ready to collect the largest unwanted items that you may want to donate.

All the money raised comes from the sale of goods that you have so kindly donated to us. Clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, books, bedding, porcelain, toys, electrical items, and larger items

For more information, contact Gary Burr at 603 137 697, or through the Facebook page -

www.facebook.com/Giving4GivingCharity ¨

From Marti Projects, a real estate agency based in Teulada, we want to inform you that this collaboration agreement is based on an attempt to help and contribute to this social work with the donation of 10% of the result of purchase and sale operations that have been carried out through collaboration with Giving4Giving members and friends.


- How can Giving4Giving benefit from this 10%

It really is simple, any member, friend or partner of Giving4Giving can contribute the properties without any exclusivity they want to sell or friends and family who want to buy a property in the area to Marti Projects.

We will take care of your marketing or search for free through our website, publishing it in various real estate portals and we will distribute them among our collaborators.

As a result of each purchase-sale made through the members of the Giving4GivingMarti Projects undertakes to make a donation of 10% of the amount received in its purchase-sale management commission.


- As Marti Projects justifies the money received to make this donation.

Marti Projects Real Estate Agency in Teulada, will present the resulting commission invoice to those responsible for Giving4Giving, with this process we want to demonstrate the clarity and transparency of our intentions.


- How can Giving4Giving partners, members and friends contribute their properties or request a search.

Voluntary staff can contact our stores directly, or contact us directly at sales@mrmarti.es, at all times Giving4Giving will be informed of the steps taken with us.

From Marti Projects we want this agreement with Giving4Giving to be very useful to continue the great social work that this association is carrying out in our region.



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