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What is the change of ownership of the activity license?

The change of ownership of the activity license is a type of procedure that is necessary when the owner of the business changes but the business remains. For example, when transferring or inheriting a premises, an office, a bar or a warehouse, where the new owner will continue the business.


When to request a change of ownership of an activity license?

One month before the new owner begins to exercise the activity.


How to get a change of ownership of an activity license?

In person and / or online, depending on the town hall. You just need to change the ownership. And the following requirements have to be met.



-That the activity does not change

-That no works are carried out.

-That the conditions of the license granted by the previous holder have not been modified. For example, the old license was granted many years ago and then the regulations were different. If the premises continue in the same conditions, at present it does not comply with the regulations, so the type of procedure that is needed is a new Activity License.

-That the facilities have not been modified and continue the same conditions of the previous projects or certificates.

Steps to follow:

-It is good that the new owner is informed in the city council about the property that he is going to acquire.

-Tax payment.


-Notification to applicant

Necessary documentation:

-Standard form-instance.

-Photocopy of the NIF / DNI

-Accreditation of representation, where appropriate, both in a private, legal or professional capacity. It is delivered when the new owner delegates to another person to do the procedure.

-Copy of the document of entry of the fee.

-Communication - Declaration in which the transfer of the rights of the license is manifested, that there has been no modification of the work, activity or facilities and that the conditions contained in the Projects or Certificates referred to above are maintained, with the signature of the holder of the license and the new applicant who wants ownership.

-Testament deed or declaration of heirs in case of inheritance.


Regulations and requirements for the change of ownership of the activity license

Law 30/1992, of November 26, on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.


Because I need it?

Because the old license is no longer in the name of the same person and there has been a change of ownership.


It depends on the municipality in which we are. Consult the website of the corresponding town hall.

Who does it?

Any person, natural or legal, or who acts on their behalf.


Town planning fee: the price will depend on the town hall.