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  Energy certificate in Moraira

The energy efficiency certificate or energy certificate is an official document written by a competent technician that includes objective information on the energy characteristics of a property, from Marti Projects we want to communicate that we can request, process and obtain the energy certificate of your property with our qualified technicians for this type of case.

The energy certification energy classifies a property by calculating the annual energy consumption necessary to satisfy the energy demand of a building under normal conditions of occupation and operation, including the production of hot water, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation, the current standard. requires that all existing buildings, when sold or leased, have an energy efficiency certificate, it is mandatory to have said certificate since June 2013 in order to rent or sell a property or premises, with exceptions, it is regulated in Spain by Royal Decree 235/2013, the energy certification regulations come from a European Directive that all member states have already complied with, the notary will ask you before proceeding to make the corresponding sale or lease, the energy certificate will inform you of how efficient a building or part of it is, providing a va riable more to take into account in any sale transaction, the new standard is intended to promote the promotion of buildings with high energy efficiency and investments in energy savings.

The owner of the property is responsible for obtaining this energy certificate, and it is who must contract the service of a certifying technician to obtain the certificate.

With the energy certificate the energy label is obtained, similar in appearance to the energy label present in household appliances, which indicates the emissions and consumption ratings that the property has obtained in its energy certificate, on a color scale that ranges from A (the most efficient), G, (the least efficient).


In case of sale of a property the owner must deliver the energy certificate to the buyer, in addition the energy certificate must be included in the sale contract.

In case of rental, a copy of the energy certificate must be shown and delivered to the tenant. The energy certificate will also be requested when depositing a rental deposit with the corresponding official body.

  Energy Certificate How is it?

It is a report that consists of several pages, with abundant information on the orientation, the situation, the envelope, the lighting and the energy production systems of the property.

On the first page of the energy certificate they contain the general data of the property, in addition to the data of the certifying technician. The overall energy rating of the property is indicated at the bottom, in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is expressed on a scale from A to G. This rating will appear on the energy efficiency label when the energy certificate is registered. The energy consumption rating (Kw h / m2 • year) indicated in Annex II of this report will also appear on the energy label.

In addition to this first page, the report has four annexes where the information is broken down:

- Annex I Describes the thermal characteristics of the property.

- Annex II Breaks down the energy rating of the property into the rating of the different energy demands and consumptions.

- Annex III Regarding the recommendations for improvement. The technician describes the tests, checks and inspections carried out during the data collection process.

Once the inspection of the property to be certified has been carried out, the deadlines for the delivery of the energy efficiency certificate vary depending on the following variables:

Time of elaboration, by the professional technician or certifier, of the certificate of energy efficiency and subsequent assignment of the rating on the energy label. (3 days approximately). According to the Autonomous Community, registration of the energy efficiency certificate. Each Autonomous Community establishes its registration criteria.

We remind you that since the energy efficiency certificate is mandatory before signing any sale or rental operation, it is recommended to request the energy certificate or energy efficiency certificate at least 30 days before signing the contract. The energy label and the energy certificates or energy efficiency certificates expire 10 years after their issuance. However, the expiration date will vary depending on whether, before the certificate expires, the property owner wants to update the certificate.

We hope that after reading these instructions it has been helpful, if you need any more personalized response, do not hesitate to contact our company, we are happy to help you.


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