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viernes, 23 de octubre de 2020



What is the second occupation license?


The second occupation license is an administrative document that aims to demonstrate the minimum compliance with certain elements necessary for a space to be inhabited for the purposes of health, solidity or hygiene, for example.

Also called a certificate of habitability by some municipalities, it is governed by regional regulations and has an expiration date of fifteen years. It is necessary both in newly constructed buildings and in second occupations of existing homes. It will be required to carry out some absolutely necessary procedures such as registering running water or electricity supply in your home.


Difference with habitability certificates

The main difference between the certificates of occupancy and the second occupation license is that the first must always be processed when the home is new, while the second occupation license must be requested with respect to real estate of a certain age or that have been occupied in a different way than they were originally being occupied.

However, the characteristics of both documents are generally quite similar. In addition, some municipalities confuse both terms, since one or the other is applied indistinctly to the two different realities contemplated, which can lead to errors in some moments; errors, however, slight, since in reality the requirements are almost identical.

The second occupation license must state, at least, the useful area that exists in the home, the equipment it has for waste purposes, kitchen, running water and others and, in general, how many requirements are considered necessary to verify the habitability of a home.

Thus, it seems clear that these necessary requirements will be the minimum and very simple to meet in any type of home worthy of the name. In other words, in most cases the second occupancy license (and, where appropriate, the occupancy certificate) is nothing but a minor procedure ... but, yes, a procedure that you will have to go through obligatorily before taking any action in your home.


Requirements included in the certificate of occupancy or in the second occupation license

Basically in these cases we can talk about seven types of fundamental requirements that your second occupation license must have, although the specific content may be different depending on the municipalities and autonomous communities, and even their number may vary.

The first and most fundamental is that the existing home has a deed stating precisely as a home and not with any other real estate nomination; in other words, that it is not a garage, a rural construction or similar.

Apart from this, the second occupation license includes aspects of the composition of the home: it must have at least one living room, a space with a hygienic chamber, that is, a bathroom, and kitchen equipment. The access or the type of construction are also stipulated (solid, waterproof, not flooded, with adequate soil, etc.).

As for the interior useful surface, it must be greater than 20 square meters, except in the cases of houses built before February 1, 1984; exceptionally, homes between 10 and 20 square meters will be admitted in these. The distribution of space and equipment will also be taken into account, such as hot and cold water installations or the waste liquid evacuation system.