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viernes, 17 de julio de 2020




  Buying a property near the beach on the Costa Blanca

For sale, sale of, for sale, are some of the slogans that are currently setting a pattern; apartments, flats, houses, villas, luxury houses and villas, land, urban plots, today there is a wide offer at your disposal for the purchase of a property on the Costa Blanca of Alicante.

The Costa Blanca is in good time, there are homes and properties that cost 50% less than three years ago, if the buyer does not care about the distance to the beach, the area or the size can find real opportunities, the price is the claim for Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, Nordic and Russian.

The truth is that the engine has been started by foreigners on the Costa Blanca, the economic crisis has changed the profile of the buyer, a few years ago the sale of second residence was 80% aimed at the national market and 20% abroad , at the moment the figures have turned around, 80% of the buyers on the Costa Blanca are foreigners.

It is difficult to think that with the economic and labor uncertainty that someone buys a second home on the beach, the truth is that the profile of the buyer of a second residence is very different from that of the usual home, financing is not usually the problem anymore that mortgages do not exceed 50% and in some cases they are paid in cash, they are usually couples between 40 and 60 years old, with one or two children, who have already paid for their house.

The large influx of tourists in our region helps the result of sales, according to the data provided in the last study of the Alicante-El Altet Airport, 80% of passengers landing in the province are foreigners, the Community of Valencia has stipulated that Thanks to the increased tourism offer, its frequency of flights will increase.

We want to provide you with a table offered by Bankinter to somehow know if a property is expensive or is reasonably priced.

Calculate home price: How to know the value of a home?

   Definitive table to know if a home is expensive

We offer you this table with a formula with which you can calculate an approximation to what the price of a home should be, to which an upward or downward adjustment could then be applied depending on the specific characteristics of each property, but that will at least place you at an appropriate price level.

The key is called: PER The sale and rental prices always have relationships that vary over time but can be calculated:

The previous table serves as an approximation of sale and rental prices, however afterwards it should be refined because not all markets nor all homes are the same. As general rules we have that the PER can vary by:

1) Location

2) Location

3) The best houses tend to have a higher PER

That should take into account and not forget some recommendations before buying a home from Marti Projects. We want to offer you a series of tips before making a possible purchase;

A suitable choice, a trusted real estate agency, visit to the property, Property Registry, off-plan purchase, second-hand properties, purchase formalization, payment of taxes, property registration, are a series of very important factors to study before making the decision to buy a home.

From our real estate agency on the Costa Blanca with its headquarters in Moraira we want to make all the help necessary to inform you about buying a property available, we have a wide range of apartments, flats, houses, villas, plots for sale and rustic land, as well as the advice of a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in all the sections that a sale entails, lawyers, architects, maintenance services, legal advice, energy certificates, certificates of habitability, etc.


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