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            0.1 PLOT

A parcel is understood as any portion of Urban or Urbanizable Land destined to accommodate the minimum building unit.

The parcel unit resulting from the planning will not necessarily coincide with the unit of ownership.


         0.1, 1 MINIMUM PLOT.

It is established by planning in accordance with the characteristics of the building and building typologies and planned for an area.

When in these Norms or in Partial or Special Plans, surfaces or dimensions of the minimum plot are established, it is a mandatory requirement to be able to build compliance with such minimums.

In accordance with article 94 of the Land Law 89, the minimum plots will be indivisible, a quality that must necessarily be reflected in the registration of the property in the Land Registry.

No subdivisions or subdivisions may be made involving plots of less than the minimum.

When a parcel is less than the minimum size or area, it will be unbuildable. No building license will be granted on adjacent plots as long as a regularization of their limits is not carried out between them. When there is no compromise between the owners, the City Council may impose the subdivision.

Exceptionally, a license may be granted to build those existing plots of dimensions less than the minimum that can independently house homes that respect the minimum conditions legally permitted, computing for each home a maximum of two building floors. It can only be allowed to be built when there is no possibility of adding it to any of the immediate plots, as they are all consolidated and their demolition is not foreseeable during the period of the Plan.

On urban land where this General Plan modifies the minimum plot, building licenses may be granted on plots of dimensions adjusted to the previous regulations, provided that it is justified through registered inscriptions that the segregation of the plot was carried out prior to the initial approval of the General Plan (5-9-88) and the applicant for the building license is the same winner of said segregation.

No minimum parcel is set for the purposes of segregation of parcels destined for public land of compulsory cession and free to the administration.


      0.1, 2 MAXIMUM PLOT.

It is determined by the planning for an area considering that larger units would alter the character of the management being pursued.



It is the maximum relationship, expressed in percentage terms, between the surface that can be occupied in the plant by the building and the total surface of the parcel or land.

For these purposes, the area occupied by a building is understood to mean the area covered or closed on the ground floor or the start of foundations.

A covered surface is understood to be one on which there is any continuous covering element, whether light or heavy, and which is permanent.

A closed surface is understood as that delimited by vertical elements of a height greater than 40 cm, regardless of its lightness or discontinuity and which has a permanent character.

The surfaces covered by flown bodies will not be computed for these purposes, provided they are more than 3 m. high and the surface is not considered closed.


      0.2 GRADE

Grade line is understood as the line that determines the inclination with respect to the horizontal plane of a terrain or road.


      0.2.1 Official grade


It is the longitudinal profile of the road defined by the planning.

0.2.2 Natural grade: is the one corresponding to the natural profile of the terrain, without having undergone any transformation due to human ingenuity.


      0.3 SOLAR

0.3, 1.-Plots of Urban Land defined as suitable for building in planning, which meet the following urbanization elements, are solar:

a) -Potable water network.

b) -Evacuation of wastewater.

c) -Electric network.

d) -Road access.

e) -Road and sidewalks of the road or roads to which the parcel faces.

0.3, 2.-In low-density urban land (extensive residential), for the purposes of article 82 of the Land Law 90, those plots that meet the following urbanization elements will be considered:

a) -Supply of drinking water.

b) -Electrical energy supply.

c) -Direct access to public roads in half its width.

d) - Wastewater treatment system according to Standards.



It is the one on which the building can settle, defined as a strip of soil limited by the external alignment and a parallel to it inside the plot.

It can be established for each plant or for all of them. It can be defined by occupancy coefficients and withdrawals at parcel boundaries.


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