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It is the parameter that defines the amount of the building that the General Plan, or

the plans that develop it, attribute to a parcel, part of parcel or polygon,

being able to directly set a maximum building index, expressed in

m2 / m2, indirectly through the conditions of the building according to the zones,

or in both ways, taking in this case the lesser of the resulting ones.



Expressed by the building index resulting from dividing the m2 of

buildable area per m2 of polygon surface, including interior roads and

compulsory transfer floors.


      1.2 NET BUILDING.

Expressed by the building index resulting from dividing the m2 of

buildable area by the m2 of net area of ??the polygon (excluding roads and

compulsory transfer floors) plot or part of plot.



It is the maximum total value expressed in m2, of the building that can

be carried out on land, resulting from applying the buildability assigned to it

to its surface. The buildable area may be gross or net, depending on the index

of buildability that is used.

They are included in the computation, unless a zone establishes what

On the contrary, the surfaces corresponding to:


1.3, 1 All passable floors of the building regardless of use

excluding authorized basements.


1.3, 2 The terraces, balconies and flown bodies covered independently

whether or not they have an enclosure. For the set of these

elements will be considered half when they are covered terraces and not

is closed by one of its fronts.


1.3, 3 Secondary constructions on parcel free spaces

provided that the arrangement of its enclosure and roof, and of the

materials used, it can be deduced that a

closed and permanent volume.


The areas corresponding to:


1.3, 4 Inner courtyards even if they are closed.


1.3, 5 Flat roofs even if they are passable.


1.3, 6 Porticoed arcades for public use.


1.3, 7 Greenhouses, sheds, etc., when resolved by

translucent materials and light, removable structure.


1.3, 8 The ornamental elements of the roof finish, provided they are

open and lacking possibilities of use.


In buildings for 4 and 5 star hotels, rated according to the

specific regulation of this type of facilities, will be computed as

buildable area for rooms and commercial premises for rent or

concession, excluding that corresponding to common services and circulation,

provided that the total sum of the latter does not exceed that of the former. When this

occurs, the excess will be part of the total surface area.


Once the license is granted under these conditions, the

building to other uses and the property will be indivisible. In these cases of

buildable area bonus, maximum height ordinances will be respected

and setbacks to each zone.



It is that included within the limits marked by the walls,

partitions or dividing elements that make it up.



It is the maximum dimension expressed in meters, measured perpendicular to

the official exterior alignment of the facade at each point of the same that establishes the

maximum depth that can be occupied by the building above ground.


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