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jueves, 09 de julio de 2020


               01 ALIGNMENT.

Alignment is understood as the line established by the General Plan, or other

plans that develop it, which separates:

0.1, 1 Soils destined for vials of those assigned to other uses, with

independence of its ownership.

0.1, 2 Soils intended for free spaces for public use, on the plots

intended for other uses.

0.1, 3 The buildable areas of the free, within the same plot.



0.2, 1 External alignment: separates the surfaces of vials from that of other uses or

that marks the boundary between public free spaces and building plots,

determined by the General Plan.

0.2, 2 Interior alignment: it is the one that indicates within a plot or block the

boundary between the surface susceptible of building and with different buildabilities.

0.2, 3 Alignment of façade: it is that interior or exterior alignment that marks

the position of the construction facade plans, except for the flights

that they are admissible.

The external alignments are defined in the Planning Plans.

The interiors and façade are defined by the particular ordinances of the area or

for the Detail Studies carried out by the Execution Units.


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