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miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2020


How does a home alarm work?

Home alarms are electronic devices that allow you to monitor your home and control what happens inside thanks to security cameras. In addition, these devices are becoming more and more complete and allow, to an increasing extent, to control the automation of a smart home.

How to install a home alarm?

In the case of hiring a home alarm with a security company, an installer will be in charge of going to your property and installing the alarm you have chosen.

Because the installation process tries to be as fast as possible so as not to interfere with the client,s work, conducting a preliminary safety study of the home is so important. Through this study, it will be determined how many components the house needs, in which room they are to be placed and in what way.

The facilities specialist will come to the home and, in addition to connecting the home alarms, will be responsible for the following tasks:

-Check that the necessary components and elements have been contracted.
-Check that the house has been fully protected and that the home alarms work perfectly.
-Explain in detail the operation of home alarms to the client.
-Help the owner to program the passwords or secret words, if necessary.
-Inform the customer of when future maintenance visits will take place.

On the other hand, in the case of alarms without fees, it will be the user who must install them. We summarize the main steps to install a home alarm:

-The control panel is placed in an area away from the door and moderately hidden to avoid its inhibition.
-Choose in which rooms to place the detectors and sensors included in the kit. They should normally be located near a power outlet.
-Turn on all detectors and wait until the center panel recognizes them. This process can take a few minutes.
-If the alarm you have chosen has a mobile app, verify that it is connected to all the devices in the system and, if you have cameras, observe its operation.

Finally, we recommend doing tests to make sure that the alarm is working correctly and that, in the event of an intrusion, you would be notified to your mobile phone immediately.

Despite their low price, alarms without fees are not the most recommended since, although they are a deterrent method, they do not have any kind of effect in the event of a break-in.