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sábado, 18 de julio de 2020




               Tips when visiting a home for sale



We have already commented on our blog that the choice of housing is perhaps one of the most important moments of the entire purchase process, since it involves a great deal of thought and weighing the pros and cons of making the most appropriate decision.

You should assess the suitability of the environment, and we will tell you what you should do when visiting a house and how you should evaluate it to detect what you like and what you do not, from our point of view.

At the time of visiting a house it would be necessary to take good note of the details to later make comparisons and decide whether or not this property suits our needs.

The following aspects will be taken into account:

- Go to the visits with paper and a pen and document the house with photographs to remember everything that arouses your interest.

- Bring a tape measure to take measurements of the spaces, very important in the event that the house needs reform.

- Check the condition of the facade and the staircase. (If they are in good condition, possibly, there are no spills in the short or medium term).

- If the house is in a residential building, the elevator is an important issue, especially in the case of the elderly or families with young children. The absence of this element usually influences the price of the property.

- You should check the condition of doors, windows, walls, floors, distribution, finishes, etc. In this way, it will be able to detect possible damages such as humidity, deterioration or cracks. Observe the correct operation of the heating or air conditioning systems and the essential supplies (water, electricity and gas), to know whether or not they are discharged and, if so, the maintenance of pipes, taps and radiators to avoid possible breakdowns.

- In furnished properties, you should check if the furniture is in good condition and if it is to your liking, the same recommendation applies to household appliances if you have them.

- In the case of new buildings, you may be able to customize the finishes and even the distribution, so it is advisable to ask all these options during the visit.

- A very important factor to take into account is the natural light that the house receives in the central hours of the day, it will vary according to its orientation and its location, you could request to visit the house in different time zones.

- Community areas; It will also be necessary, if the house has community areas, garage or storage rooms, to inspect them and check their state of conservation.

- Accompanied Visit; In general, when you visit a property, you will be accompanied by a real estate agent, the home owner or, in the case of being a new construction, the developer,s commercial. These people have all the information about the properties and we can turn to them to answer questions.

-Write down all the details and also the perceptions you have had while walking around the interior and exterior of the property. Sensations, smells and nuances that suggest the spaces.

All these notes will help you reflect on the visit and assess whether the home meets the expectations and requirements that were set.

From Marti Projects based in Teulada we continue with the desire to keep you informed and advise you on everything related to buying a house in Spain.