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martes, 14 de julio de 2020



   Five tips to keep your second residence in perfect condition


From our Real Estate Agency in Teulada and about to end the summer campaign of 2016, we want to transmit a series of tips and guidelines to follow to have your properties in the best conditions of both maintenance and hygiene for your return to it.

   1 Checking tickets and facilities

We recommend supervising several common elements of your property, basically the entrances, such as the portal, always closed and checking that it has not been forced or manipulated, a systematic review of the facilities, and in the case of having them prioritize in the irrigation facilities gardens and pools.

   2 General care

Owners of properties not inhabited throughout the year must take into account, among other factors, the general care that this type of property needs, it is necessary to highlight the security check, controlling that the entrances and entrances are perfectly closed and even appear that they are occupied regardless of the importance that these properties are ventilated, avoiding possible future damage due to humidity concentration, condensation, etc.

   3 According to your situation, we advise you to keep more attention to the property

The location of your second home is a very important factor if compared to the usual home, a location that determines the care of these properties is a beach area, as well as the care they must receive from owners or specialized companies. delegated to these responsibilities, avoiding subsequent ills of vital importance to the property, from Marti Projects SL and with our multidisciplinary team of professionals we can attend to all the maintenance needs that your property needs so that it is always in perfect condition and its value is not seen affected by poor care of it, painting, garden maintenance, monitoring the existence of pests, swimming pool, surveillance, alarms, a variety of alternatives to possible problems that your property may face.

    4 Option to rent the second residence for periods of time

Every day there are more owners of second homes who decide to put them for rent, basically due to their profitability, in the same way it happens with owners who opt to rent part of their home through the so-called collaborative economy or temporary and vacation rental. In both cases, they must take into account that in order to rent their home or a part of it, said space must be conditioned, which is why some amounts must be advanced prior to receiving any income, in this case we recommend conditioning the property so that it includes both the painting of the walls and the conditioning of closets, as well as the care of the areas of common use of the house, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

If you choose this option, you must remember that as the homeowner you must include the income received in your annual income statement and submit it to the Tax Agency, the tax regime will be marked by the legislation in force in the autonomous community in which you are located. the property, in the event that these operations are regulated by law.

   5 Good insurance for your second home

The second home must also have home insurance with common basic coverages, including a wide range of coverages if you prefer, a rule in relation to the price of this insurance, it is usually that it is a second Homeowners include lesser items than in their usual home, making insurance cheaper. We remind you to avoid possible disappointments that in the case of dealing with a property with several owners, it is advisable to have insurance intended to cover the community of neighbors, protecting us from civil liability against said community and which usually include coverage on claims that are raised against it, in addition to multi-risk damage in common areas.

We hope from our company that these tips have been useful to you and remember them systematically to avoid subsequent disorders once installed in our usual home.

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