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Over 70% of people looking to buy property in Spain chose to do so through online real estate portals. Here at Marti Projects S.L. our Medium Option offers our clients a comprehensive service beginning with the initial instruction through to closure of sale.

Marti Projects SL your trusted real estate agency

Our MEDIUM Option offers all the necessary services to market your property online through more than 145 real estate portals both nationally and internationally.

Our offices are centrally based in Teulada, however clients may choose to conduct the first meeting on site. At this stage clients are advised of our Terms, including our pricing structure, the Escrituras (Title Deeds) and all other documents pertaining to both property and owners.

What does our Medium Option include?

Visit from one of our professional advisers 

High quality photographs of the property 

2D & 3D Floor plans   

Property valuation

Property description

Publication in over 145 internet portals 

Telephone support

Personal support via SMS or Email

Filtering of visits

Visits to the property

Simple note

Contract drafting

Contract duration 6 months

Professional Advisory Visit

Upon registration one of our Professional Advisers will visit the property at a time convenient to the vendor. Clients will be advised on the value of the property based on current market trends in the area.

High quality photographs

We will take numerous pictures of the different rooms in your property including views and exteriors. We will then send them to you for your approval.


Quality real estate photography helps to generate greater interest from prospective buyers and more sales leads.

Home Staging 

Prepare the house to look at its best. We recommend that on the day of the viewing the property is clean, tidy and uncluttered. Our agents have a set of equipment to help you “dress” your property, so that it is as welcoming as possible and transmit a sense of well-being (cushions, quilts, coffee cups, wine glasses or champagne, etc. that will highlight the features of your property. In short they are numerous small modifications that will help make your property look neutral and increase its value and highlight the lifestyle the property offers. As we are familiar with the main areas that your buyer will be looking at we may recommend a series of improvements in order to sell your property

Floor Plans made in 2 and 3 Dimensions

With the measurements taken during the visit to your property we will make plans in 2 and 3 dimensions (in Metric) that will help a potential buyer to visualise the layout and size of your home, accessibility, number of floors, etc.

Property valuation

How much is your property worth?

We will accurately value your property by analysing the following criteria one step at a time. This will help you to understand how much your property is realistically worth.

Steps to assess your property

Step 1. The state of the property

Beyond the geographical situation of the house, the common areas, distances to public services other factors need to be considered:

Condition of the property

Age of the property

Working condition of the services: electric, water and gas

Special features of the house i.e.: New kitchen, under-floor heating, landscaped garden, panoramic views, naya, swimming pool, tennis court, etc.

Step 2. Market value (VM)

International Market value is defined as the estimated amount for which a property should exchange, on the date of valuation, between a willing buyer and a willing seller in a transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion.”

There should be no link between the vendor and the buyer and neither of them should have an interest other than what is established in the contract.

The property has been properly marketed.

Neither party has privileged information.

The price of the property is a reasonable estimate.

Taxes are not included in the price.

Step 3. The value to the seller

At the time of valuation, it should be taken into consideration the subjective component of emotions – particularly for the vendor. The vendor may wish the value to include the amount of expenses incurred in renovation or structural additions to the property

Step 4. The value to the buyer

Another consideration is that interested parties may be well informed about the housing market in terms of prices and availability. Therefore, the value at which the property is marketed should reflect characteristics that are key to the potential buyer. These may include panoramic views, storage, garage, local amenities, private or community pool, proximity to place of work, beaches, shops etc. With such additional favourable factors a potential purchaser may consider paying a little more than for a similar property.

Step 5. Published price

The published price is one that has been agreed, having taken into consideration all above mentioned factors.

The following data is collated in order to make an assessment on the property and reach an indicative figure on the market value:

 Property registration

 Registry of the Cadastre

P.E.R. Indicator (Price Earnings Ratio): This relates to the price of the property and its rental potential and is directly linked to the profitability that it will produce over a period of 20 years.

A selection of 5 properties with similar characteristics, located less than 1,000 meters away with a similar surface area (+/- 30%).

All services around the property: From the quantity and quality of nearby services to future urban plans that result in a higher quality of life.

With this information we will reach a realistic valuation.

In addition, the seller will be given the opportunity to discuss any other improvements they have made to the property that will add to the property’s value.

Conversely the published price not only reflects the owner’s expectations but also leaves room for negotiation.

As a general rule, the closing price of the sale is in the range between the market value and the published price.

In all cases Marti Projects S.L. will respect the price desired by the vendor, however the seller must appreciate that it may take longer to close the sale.

After a reasonable period, Marti Projects S.L. will contact you again to review the publication price and offer advice.

Property Description

After initial consultation and visit to the property a Marti Project agent will write a professional description of the property, taking into account its characteristics including access, exterior, surroundings and distances to local amenities etc.

The vendor’s knowledge of the property and surrounding area will also add credibility to the description.

Publication in portals

All properties marketed through Marti Projects S.L. are promoted through a number of digital paths to accelerate potential sales.

These include:

 www.martiprojects.com  Our own website which has an excellent position on Google Spain

 A collaboration of trusted estate agents

Publications on the Internet  guaranteeing the highest possible visibility in more than 145 national and international real estate portals with a description of your property in several languages.

"Featured Property"on respected internet portals such as Rightmove.com, Fotocasa.com, and Pisos.com


Telephone support

Marti Projects S.L. will filter all phone calls from interested parties worldwide.

Support via SMS or Email

Correspondence and communication is also conducted through email and SMS. Vendors will be continuously updated with a progress report.

Filtering of visits

Through discrete screening of potential purchasers Marti Projects S.L. will make all the appointments for viewing.

We will manage the visits according to the availability of the potential buyer, the vendor, or if the property is vacant and we are the key holders, directly with our agent.

Visits to the property

Unlimited visits

Periodically the vendor will be informed of the visits made with the date and data of potential buyers.

Simple note

Once an offer has been accepted by the vendor and, in the event that the sale is made through the mediation of Marti Projects S.L., the process begins by obtaining all relevant documentation to be presented to the notary who will carry out the deed of purchase and sale of the property.

These documents include:

Photocopies of purchase sale deeds


Utility Invoices (Electricity, water, etc.)

We will request a Simple Note from the College of Registrars of Spain, to verify the property is free of charges.

Contract drafting

Preparation of contracts with translations for international buyers

Underwriting contracts required for the sale of your property

Contract of deposit included

Contract of sale included

Accompaniment to the Notary

Marti Projects S.L. uses a number of highly recommended notaries. Prior to the visit to the notary     Marti Projects S.L. will have collated all relevant documentation from both seller and buyer in order to accomplish a smooth completion of sale. A few days prior to the signature date, Marti Projects S.L. will send the vendor a draft of the deeds to verify that all the data therein is correct.

Contract period

The duration of the contract is for an initial period of 12 months, although we trust that the sale of your property is made in less time.

During this period you will be updated on a regular basis on all matters concerning the marketing and interest levels from buyers using our internet property portals.

Payment Method

50% upon registration and 50% at a rate of € 200 per month after the second month, after acceptance of the conditions of the MEDIUM Option plan, through direct debit.


Frequently asked questions

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