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sábado, 27 de junio de 2020


Recently our company Marti Projects S.L. Real Estate Agency in Teulada we made a collaboration agreement with the R.A.M.A Association


We can follow their work and social commitment through their website  https://rescateanimalmarinaalta.org 

And through  https://www.facebook.com/RAMA-Rescate-animal-Marina-alta-1405845569669742 

Organization against animal abuse and neglect that fights for your rights.

Animal Rescue Marina Alta is an association created to help animals in distress, abandonment, mistreatment, the elderly, the sick, etc.

Our mission is to help these defenseless beings have a second chance.

We are located in Javea (Alicante) within the region of La Marina Alta, from here we try to help the most disadvantaged anywhere in Spain.

We are a modest association that does not receive any subsidy, so we are forced to undertake countless actions to collect what is necessary and thus be able to continue with our work.

Every dog ??that enters RAMA is loved and cared for until the day it finally finds a new home.

This association is made up of volunteers who, in a totally disinterested way, look after the well-being of the “Ramaquitos” during their stay in the association.

We are not heroes, just people with great sensitivity to animals, people very committed to this cause, willing to contribute our grain of sand and try to make this world a better place.

Maybe we can,t help everyone, but if we all help one, this already makes a difference.

Registration number: G-54770839

From Marti Projects SL, real estate agency based in Teulada, we want to inform you that this collaboration agreement is based on an attempt to help and contribute to this social work with the donation of 10% of the result of purchase and sale operations that have been carried out through collaboration with members and friends of the RAMA Association

 - How can the Association R.A.M.A. benefit from this 10%

It really is simple, any member, friend or partner of the Association R.A.M.A. You can contribute the properties without any type of exclusivity that you want to sell or friends and family who want to buy a property in the area from Marti Projects S.L.

We will take care of your marketing or search for free through our website, publishing it in various real estate portals and we will distribute them among our collaborators.

As a result of each purchase-sale made through the members of the R.A.M.A. Association, Marti Projects S.L. You agree to make a donation of 10% of the amount received in your purchase-sale management commission.


 -As justified by Marti Projects S.L. the money received to make this donation.

Marti Projects S.L. Agencia Inmobiliaria in Teulada, will present the invoice of the resulting commission to the heads of the R.A.M.A. Association, with this process we want to demonstrate the clarity and transparency of our intentions.


 -How can the partners, members and friends of the R.A.M.A. Association contribute?

You can contact the managers of the organization directly through the e-mail rescue animalmarinaalta@gmail.com, or with our company or contact us directly at sales@mrmarti.es, at all times the R.A.M.A. You will be informed of the steps taken with us.


From Marti Projects S.L. We hope that this agreement with the R.A.M.A. it is very useful to continue with the great social work that this association is carrying out in our region.



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